Rue du Calvaire 2 - Acces street
1300 Wavre

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Priest and priest responsible for the sanctuary                       

                    Blaise Mbongo
                    Tel. et 0479.23.15.12


       Jean-Baptiste PINA   
       Telefoon: 0479.53.38.15
       E-Mail :
         François KABEYA
         Tél 0470.65.27.83
         E-Mail :

Parish Assistante

        Anne Bouchez
        Tel.  0476.42.74.12 (Tuesday, Thursday and Fryday 10ham – 4hpm ) Email: 


At the basilica
Sunday masses
saturdays at 6h pm
Sunday at 10h30 am and 6h pm

Offices in week
Mass at 9h am Tuesday and Thursday
Mass at 6h pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Saturdays Mass at 9h am(from April to September)

Eucharistic worship
- each day from 8h30 am to 6h pm and each Iuesday in the choir of the basilica

Contemplated rosary
- Sunday at 3h pm
- each day of May and octobre (except Sunday) at 5h30 pm

- e
ach first Sunday of the month, after the rosary of 3h pm, from 3h30 pm to 4h pm : Blessing of Blessed Sacrament.

           The basilica is open each day from 8h30 am to 6h pm

At the chapel Sint Damian - Acces street
Avenue Molière, 24 (Bte 5)
1300 Wavre

Mass: Sunday 11 h am

Eucharistic worship
- each day from 8h30 am to 6h pm

- a night worship is organized, from 8h30h pm to 7h am,  all second Saturdays of the month

           The vault Father Damian is open each day from 9h am to 6h pm

At the chapel of Stadt - Acces street
Chaussée de la Belle Voie, 18
1300 Wavre

Mass: 1s Sunday of each month 5h pm

Reception, secretariat of the parish and sanctuary

Rue du Calvaire 2
1300 Wavre

Tuesday at Saturday from 10h am to 12h am
Tel.: 010/22.25.80

With your listening at the basilica

- Laic:  Wednesday, between 1h30 pm and 3h30 pm.
- A priest: Saturday 1/2 h before the mass of 6ham and after each mass by appointment

Church halls

Destinies in priority to receive the various activities of the Parish and the Sanctuary,
they can, apart from these moments, be rented for one or the other activity
with calm character (baptism, funeral, communion, family's meetings.)
-  Maria Pacis (+/- 100 p) and Rue du Rivage (+/- 40 p) - Tel.: of 0499.32.16.78 (from 10h to 12h and 18h30 to 20h)
-  Parish center Father Damien(+/- 40 p and 25 p) - Tel.: 010/45.96.27 ou 010/24.24.34 (from 20h to 22h)

Large Turn

Praying LargeTurn, each last Tuesday of the month
        departure : 14h at the Basilica
Annual procession of the Large Turn:
        Sunday following the festival of St-Jean Baptist ( June 24) - June 25, 2011


Without speaking about tariffs, but rather about contributions, the following amounts can be regarded as references (but they do not have,  in no case, to constitute a prevention with the celebration):
        - Baptism: free - free offering;
        - Intention of mass: 10 €;
        - Marriage: 210 €;
        - Funeral: 240 €.
These offerings do not constitute a remuneration of the services carried out, but a participation in pastoral works. Part of those is intended to bischopdom, to factory of church…
anking account: 271-0470858-52   001-5976717-41 from 01/01/2010- AOP (Association des Oeuvres Paroissiales) - Région de Wavre, section de Basse-Wavre  TRANSIT - with mention of the assignment -.
For more information, you address to the secretariat (Tel.


The parish is run by many volunteers.
Volunteering requires a commitment faithful, adapted according to the possibilities and talents of everyone. It is an opportunity for a gift of self, of encounters and friendships, and my personal journey helps both human and spiritual.
If you wish to volunteer, give some of your time, call
parish secretary's office -Tel. : 010/22.25.80 mail: -. All will be happy to share with you to meet and share your desire.